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Teeth-in-an-Hour ™

Teeth-in-an-Hour ™, With conventional treatment you have to wait for your implants to heal before teeth are placed, which can take months. NobelGuide gives you your new teeth right away. You may be able to eat immediately after the treatment.

Now you can have beautiful Teeth-in-an-Hour™.

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Today there's no need to settle for anything less. The NobelGuide system means you can now replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants – easily, quickly and comfortably.

This gentler new option enables you to leave Bangkok Dental Hospital with fully functioning new teeth after just one treatment. Only NobelGuide gives you beautiful Teeth-in-an-Hour™.

NobelGuide is a unique system that has lots of advantages over old-fashioned implant treatment. Not only does it reduce the number of visits to your dentist, you also spend less time there. Best of all, no recovery period is needed after treatment, so you can return to your active life immediately.

Teeth-in-an-Hour™ allows the possibility to provide patients fiexd, well-functioning, and esthetic prostheses on implants in less than an hour. Thanks to the flapless technique, this treatment will be a totally fantastic experience for your patients with greatly reduced healing time, no temporaries and no significant pain nor swelling.

Nobel Biocare implants, placed using NobelGuide technology, are the longlasting, fast, and minimally invasive solusion to missing teeth. Ask our dentist today! Now that you can have Teeth-in-an-Hour™, why wait to start smiling?