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Immediate Implants

NobelDirect Implant and Abutment in One-Piece
The NobelDirect Groovy implant features a revolutionary new one-piece design that is user-friendly, cost-effective, biologically sound and esthetically stable. The implant is machined from a single piece of titanium, incorporating both the implant body and an integral fixed abutment.

Treatment Planning

As with any dental procedure, diagnosis and treatment planning are essential. Documentation needed are single X-rays with parallel technique, panograph, CT-scan in difficult cases diagnostic

  • Adequate bone must exist to achieve primary stability
  • If teeth need to be extracted, they must be treatment planned for immediate implant placment or heal for at least 6 months before placing implants.
  • If a sinus lift is necessary to insert proper implant, the diagnosis must determine if an internal or external sinus lift is needed.
  • Functional, periodontal and endodontic problems, with remaining teeth, must be treated in advance of surgical procedures.
  • Gingival grafting may be needed if zone of gingival and/or vestibular depth are inadequate.
  • No apical disorder/inflammation at the area of the implant site

Nobel Biocare is providing dentists with more choices than ever before and our goals remain:

  • To ensure that the patients leave the treatment room satisified and comfortable with beautiful teeth and a renewed quality of life.
  • To help there practice run more smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Nobel Biocare solutions are designed to facilitate:

  • Immediate Function
  • Short and long-term Easy Esthetics
  • Patient comfort

and can also be used in NobelGuide treatment method.

The height of the interproximal soft tissue and the bone usually varies from mesial to distal on each toth. Always use highest point of soft tissue (flapless procedure) or highest point of bone (flap procedure) to guide your drills and implant placements.

Use flapless techique when:

  • There is sufficient quantity and quality of alveolar bone and soft tissue.
  • It is not neccessary to raise a flap to safely direct the drilling procedure in relation to the anatomy.

Use flap techique when:

  • It is not neccessary to observe the underlying alveolar bone and adjacent anatomical structures.
  • Facial concavities exist; place an instrument below the facial flap and the drill to protect the soft tissue
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